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Brief description of the product

By studying examples of western shirts from 40's, We've modified the silhouette to a slightly slimmer whilst keeping the good old days details the same with a bit of TCB tweaks added. With the slimmer shape, the shirts are easy to mix and match for the layerings.

As for the woven label, we've paid an homage to THE western shirt with the long horns but, with TCB it has become one with long ears. For those who have no ideas about this, TCB stands for Two Cats Brand.
The dot buttons are finished with silver lip shell and are from Universal.

We sew these shirts by the vintage Union special, the one we use for our TCB 60's jeans, with 1/4 inches stitch width setting, which will eventually make the shirts fade as beautifully as true vintage pieces. Especially, the puckering will be looking as superb as the vintage piece.

On the back yoke where you can see a V-sahped stitch, we sew it with lapping seams and sew one end to the other all the way in one go. We always reflect the production methods used back then, which I believe render our items a true, authentic feels back in these days.

The fabric is 8.5OZ black denim. It is woven low-tentioned and very slowly by vintage looms for the natural unevenness on the surface, which is exactly what TCB has wanted as the best for this type of shirts.

Product information

34 Shoulder: 40.5 cm Chest: 47 cm Dress Length: 65.5 cm Sleeve Length 59 cm

36 Shoulder: 42 cm Chest: 48 cm Dress Length: 68 cm Sleeve Length: 59 cm

38 Shoulder: 44 cm Chest: 50.5 cm Dress Length: 70.5 cm Sleeve Length: 60.5 cm

40 Shoulder: 45 cm Chest: 53 cm Dress Length: 72 cm Sleeve Length: 61.5 cm

42 Shoulder: 47 cm Chest: 55.5 cm Dress Length: 74.5 cm Sleeve Length: 63 cm

44 Shoulder: 49.5 cm Chest: 57.5 cm Dress Length: 75 cm Sleeve Length: 64 cm

46 Shoulder: 50.5 cm Chest: 59 cm Dress Length: 76 cm Sleeve Length: 65 cm

48 Shoulder: 52.5 cm Chest: 61.5 cm Dress Length: 78 cm Sleeve Length: 66.5 cm

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