Red Wing Shoes - CLASSIC CHELSEA 3192

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Brief description of the product

The 3192 Classic Chelsea Boot is built with the iconic Last No.8, which is also used for our Iron Ranger and Blacksmith ranges, and comes on a Coffee Traction Tred Outsole which cushions and insulates. For this boot, the Red Wing Shoe Company has chosen the comfortable leather-covered Proron insole which is easy to break in. The upper is made with one of our most iconic leathers, the Amber Harness. The rich brown tone perfectly matches any outfit and has the potential to age beautifully. As with most of our shoes, this model is also Goodyear-Welted, guaranteeing maximum longevity and the possibility to resole.

Product information

Care:         Leather Protector & Suede Cleaner Kit
Outsole:    Without Heel
Sohle:       Coffee Traction Tred
Height:      Ankle-High
Color:        Beige
Leather:    Hawthorne Muleskinner
Style:        Classic ChelseaHawthorne Muleskinner

Made in USA

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